Website translation services & Website localisation

Website translation services and website localization services are now becoming more and more popular with businesses around the UK.

It is now taken for granted that every organization, irrespective of its domain and size should have an effective and functional website; One that is written clearly and in easy to understand language that specifies the objectives of the organization and how it can benefit its customers.

With the increase in mobile devices, tablets and handhelds, the way that people are searching and interacting on the Internet is changing.

Long gone are the days that  all traffic was from people sat at a fixed Desktop or Laptop.  We can now all browse, interact and purchase anything on the Internet from our pocket at any time or any location.

Websites should also be optimized for use on devices including Desktop, Mobile and Tablet as over 50% of all internet searches are now done using devices other than a Desktop.

For companies that want to do business with another country or region, having a good website, optimized for all devices and written in the right way may still not be enough to gain that advantage required.

According to surveys, around 50% of search queries submitted in Google were in languages other than English.

Stats show that visitors are more likely to buy something from a site having content in their native language than one that is only in English. Moreover, sales of organizations having multilingual sites are considered to be much higher when compared to those having a single language site.

To effectively reach a  global market as well as to compete on a global scale, Websites that have multiple language options or Websites that are translated and Localized have the best advantage.

So…What are Website Translation Services or Website Localization services?

Website Translation and Website Localization is not a simple process.

Whilst it is still a case of translating the source text into the target languages, there are a number of other key factors that must be considered.

The main factor is where the website will be displayed and by this I mean, what country or region will the site be for?  Who is the Target Reader / Audience?

For example, you may require a website translation into Arabic however there are many Arabic speaking countries and markets and the languages used for one market may be different to that used for another.  Something that may be acceptable in Egypt may be offensive to readers in Saudi Arabia.

The process of targeting the translated content to a specific target audience or market is known as Localization.

When localizing a Website, extreme care must be taken during the translation phase whilst at the same time, attention must be paid to the cultural nuances of target audience and the cultural background as this will have an effect on the language used.  The content must read like it has been written directly for the audience or reader.

At Avitas Translations when we begin work on a Website Localization project, we ensure to ask the right questions from the start, so we know exactly what the website is required and where it is going to be used.

This allows us to create engaging translations that your audience will find relevant and current and that is targeted to the individual market.

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