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Supplier & Freelancer agreement

Supplier & Freelancer Agreement


By accepting and agreeing to work with Avitas Translations Ltd on any translation services in London or the UK, you the supplier agree to the following agreement and our terms;

The Company “Avitas Translations Ltd”, hereafter referred to as “the Company”, and the Freelance Translator, hereafter referred to as “the Translator”, have agreed the present Agreement on the following:

The Company Responsibility
1.The Company assures to provide the Translator with the appropriate job requests, detailed and valid information about translation requirements.

2. The Company respects privacy of the Translator and guarantees not to disclose personal information (email address, telephone number, etc.) to any third party without permission.

3.The Company also guarantees the Translator will receive their payments in time within 60 days from the date of invoice, if the Client is completely satisfied with the quality of translation services and the lead time.

4.The Company reserves the right to terminate the agreement in case the Translator does not follow the rules stipulated in the Translator Responsibility or deliver translations or services that are not fit for purpose.

The Translator Responsibility
1. The Translator shall provide truthful personal and translator information.

2. The Translator is responsible for username and password provided to access their account. If the Translator believes someone else uses their account, they must inform the Company immediately.

3. The Translator, as a freelance professional, will supply the customer with their translation services, by making all the efforts to respect the quality of service and terms of delivery. The Translator will be responsible in case of rush or negligence, but can’t be held responsible for delays due to events beyond their control.

4. The Translator shall guarantee the privacy and security of the translated materials and information they receive.

General Notes
1. To prove their competence the Translator shall translate a short fragment (approximately 600 words) from the first job request for free or provide the Company with verified recommendation letters from a previous or current employer.

2. In case of withdrawal by the Client the Translator shall be paid for the already translated documents, that is the work done till the date of withdrawal and anyway not less than 10% of the total value of the translation, according to the order proposal.

3. Upon receipt of the translation from the Translator, the Client shall promptly review it, and within 10 days after receipt shall notify the Company of any requested corrections or changes. The Translator shall correct, at no cost to the Client, any errors made by the Translator.

4. Changes by others. The Translator shall have no responsibility whatever as to any changes in the translation made by persons other than the Translator.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.

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