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Technical Specialists
Experienced and flexible teams providing professional, quality and cost effective solutions

Avitas are one of the UK’s fastest growing translation providers and we pride ourselves on being Specialists in Technical Translation.

We have teams with expert knowledge of not only the language combinations they work within but also a extensive background in the chosen industry.

Combining this with the best processes and technology, Avitas are able to offer a more cost effective and quality focused solution to our customers.

We know that Technical translations is a broad term however we would describe any translation as technical if the average person would need to check the terms used.

For any Technical translation, we would always advise our highest service level Elite“.

There is no language combination that we cannot offer and have a flexible and dedicated recruitment team to add to our available resources within hours if required.

Examples of documents we can translate:

– Technical specification manuals

– Medical equipment manuals

– Tooling manuals

– Machinery Instructions

– Electonics


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