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We can subtitle different types of content including e-learning courses, business promotional & marketing videos, TV shows & documentaries.  Furthermore, we offer closed captioning and open captioning services.

That being said, we can help whether it is Arabic subtitling services for TV or a Company presentation in 10 languages.  Importantly, our subtitling services use the best technology and resources to capture the original meaning and display this clearly.

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We offer a complete subtitles service that is UK based.  Moreover, from the original audio or video file we can produce a timecoded transcription file, a subtitle file (.srt), and then a video file with the subtitles either burnt-in or in tracks for different languages.

Likewise, our engineers can pre- and post-process files based on the project requirements and deliver in any format required.

Therefore, this flexibility and service allows our clients to trust us to deliver their message in multiple languages and cost effectively.

Based in London, we serve customers from around the UK and are specialists at providing a 5* rated, cost effective and easy to use service.

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Subtitles are text derived from a transcript or audio of the dialogue or commentary in films & television programs.  In addition they are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen and run in time with the original audio.

Likewise, a subtitle can either be in the form of a written translation of the dialogue in a foreign language, or a written version of the dialogue in the same language.

Subtitles can also be written with or without added information to help viewers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing or who cannot follow the audio.


The difference between subtitles and closed captioning is that subtitles are intended for viewers who can’t understand the language spoken in the video.  Whereas closed caption services are used to communicate with the deaf or hard-of-hearing communities; that may understand the language but cannot hear the audio properly.

Consequently, Closed captions typically include relevant audio information as well as the spoken dialogue.  For example: laughter, off-screen noises such as smash of glass in the distance.   Likewise, Subtitles don’t include this additional content and are simply there to translate the original spoken dialogue.




 Here at Avitas we can offer a service that takes your original audio and delivers a fully timecoded burnt in subtitle file.


This is the process of listening to the original source audio and writing it down in a form that can be translated and timecoded.


Timecoding is the process of matching the transcription of an audio / video file with the timing of the original file.  Then preparing a certain file format that can be recognised by subtitling software.


Subtitling involves using the timecoded transcription and creating a file that will overlay the new subtitles onto the original video. Moreover, this often involves creating the subtitles in multiple languages. Likewise it is at this point that the timecoded transcription is translated.  Additionally making sure that line breaks, metrics and timecodes are adjusted in the target language.

Subtitle post-production

Once the subtitles or captions are created and finalised, these are embedded into the original video (also known as being burnt-in).  Alternatively they are delivered as separated files for example one per language.

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What makes Avitas the perfect partner for your Subtitling requirements?


Guaranteed to match or beat any other UK quote to ensure our customers receive the best possible value.


Trusted by our customers and have over 100 5* rated reviews.

Therefore individuals and businesses trust us to get their projects right, first time, every time.


200 languages and counting with professional experienced technicians and linguist that use Indutry leading technology.


How can I order Subtitles for my Video?

In 3 simple steps:

1 – Firstly click the Personal or Business Quote link, fill out the form detailing your request and attach any relevant files.  If they are too big, get in touch and we can use a file share system.

2 – Secondly, we will analyse your request within minutes and email back a Quotation.  Importantly showing the full breakdown including all costs, timescales and requirements.

3 – Lastly, accept the quotation and pay the invoice using the payment link that is emailed to you by your Project Manager.


What type of Subtitles can you provide?

Our experienced team can provide a range of subtitling and caption options including:

– Open Captions

– Closed Captions

– Captions for the Hard of Hearing

What languages do you cover?

We have over 350 registered Interpreters that can cover over 100 languages.  Likewise, if we don’t have the language you require, our flexible recruitment team can source a qualified professional.


How much does Subtitling cost?

Each project will be different as we base the costs on various factors.  For example; audio length, timescale for completion, language combination, subject matter and delivery method.  However, our prices are very competitive and start at £50 + vat.

From Our Clients

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Avitas Translations responded to my initial quote request almost immediately. Likewise, from start to finish the process was simple and efficient.  Great work and will use again for sure.

T. Dailia

Operations Director, Greece

These guys are life savers. We were in need of urgent translations done in 3 languages and no other agency was able to do it.  Avitas responded quickly and had the project done before our deadline. Now we have used them ever since.

Andrea Nahaev

Export Manager, Bristol

Amazing service for all our projects. We have used Avitas for multiple language projects in different domains and our clients are always left happy. Great company to work with, 5*.

Jen Ewers

Marketing Lead, London

I had a good experience with the company, prompt in replying and reasonably priced. I would recommend the company for any kind of translation work.


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