If you need to translate a business card, marketing brochure, product manual or any other type of document with images or a fixed design layout, then you will likely require a DeskTop Publishing service or DTP service.

Therefore we offer a multilingual DTP service that designs, maintains and corrects a document’s layout once it has been translated in over 200 languages.



Some languages will expand, some will get smaller and some read a completely different way such as Right to Left languages like Arabic.

Furthermore, once a document has been translated, often an experienced DTP specialist will then be needed to fix and correct the layout.  In short, this is known as Post-translation DTP.


Our professional desktop publishing services will adapt your content and images to a set document-standard, preserving your message across all target languages.

Likewise, we offer affordable DTP Services using a variety of document formats including Indesign and Illustrator and Photoshop and can even fully recreate a document from a PDF file if needed.

In addition, we are based in London and serve customers from around the UK and overseas.  Importantly we are specialists at providing a 5* rated, cost effective and easy to use service.




DTP or Desk Top Publishing can throw up any number of issues even for the most experienced Design team.

Likewise, agencies can provide exceptional work when in their native language but what happens when the language is foreign?

Additionally, what happens when the language is a right to left language and not left to right?

We have dedicated DTP specialists experienced in any language including the difficult ones such as Right to Left  for instance.  Furthermore, we utilise the latest software and applications to prepare any DTP project, of any size, in over 200 languages.

If you want to know more please contact our team or request a free quote using our online form.

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What makes Avitas the perfect partner for your Multilingual DTP requirements?



Match or beat any other UK quote to ensure our customers receive the best possible value.


Trusted by our customers and have over 100 5* rated reviews.

Consequently, individuals and businesses trust us to get their projects right, first time, every time.


Our team have experience and access to the latest software and DTP packages to ensure that we can cover all aspects of your design and translation.


ISO accredited for quality in Translation Management meaning our processes are approved and quality focused, giving you the best possible translations.

Frequently asked questions about our DTP Service

How can I order a DTP Service?

In 3 simple steps:

1 – Firstly, click the Personal or Business Quote button above and fill out the form (attaching your files if you have them).

2 – Secondly, we analyse your request within minutes and email back a Quote showing the breakdown including all costs, timescales and requirements.  Similarly, if DTP is required, this will be shown additionally to the cost of the translation work.

3 – Finally, accept the quotate and pay the invoice using the payment link emailed to you. 


What type of documents can you work on?

We can translate and DTP any document format from basic word documents to complex Adobe Illustrator files in over 200 languages.  In addition, we specialise in right to left languages that can often be tricky to work with.

Do you offer Right to Left languages?

We can translate and DTP over 200 languages and counting. Our experienced team of DTP specialists can work in any language including Right to left languages such as Arabic and Urdu and also non-Cyrillic languages like Chinese & Japanese.


How much does it cost for your DTP service?

DTP Costs can vary depending on the language, file type and subject matter as well as the deadline.  However, our rates are competitive and start at £30 + vat.

From Our Clients

Clients - Avitas Translations

Hear what our clients have to say about our services or check out our Trustpilot reviews here.

Avitas Translations responded to my initial quote request almost immediately. From start to finish the process was simple and efficient.  Great work and will use again for sure.

T. Dailia

Operations Director, Greece

These guys are life savers. We were in need of urgent translations done in 3 languages and no other agency was able to do it.  Additionally, Avitas responded quickly and had the project done before deadline.  Now, we have used them ever since.

Andrea Nahaev

Export Manager, Bristol

Amazing service for all our projects. We have used Avitas for multiple language projects in different domains.  Likewise, our clients are always left happy. Great company to work with, 5*.

Jen Ewers

Marketing Lead, London

Used Avitas for our business card translation services for an event in Dubai.  The personal touches that were suggested made all the more impression!


Marketing, Angies Bakery

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