How Business Translation Services Help Your Business Grow  

Reaching more people in different countries is important to many companies who want to develop and sustain a global reach. Of course, to achieve this you need to have an effective and accurate translation for all your content.

You might, for instance, want to develop different language versions of your website for new markets. Perhaps you have a globally available product and want your documentation and setup instructions to have multiple versions. Maybe you’ve just launched marketing videos on Facebook and want to make them available with subtitles for different markets.

There are many ways in which building a relationship with a reliable translation service will help grow your business.

Reach a Bigger Audience

With research suggesting that up to 70% of people are more likely to buy a product or service when the information provided is in their own language, it’s no surprise that many businesses are strategically focused on translation services today.

There are some 6,500 languages spoken in the world today. In a country like China, there are 302 different dialects and regional language differences alone.

There could be a range of different content that needs to be translated.   Including marketing messages, web page content and video subtitles to technical specifications and legal documentation.


Get Your Content Right First Time

For businesses that are looking to grow and leverage new markets, it’s important to work with a competent native speaker who can produce accurate translation services. They need to understand the nuances of each language and even the cultural differences that affect how something is viewed by the audience.


Avoid Costly Translation Mistakes

Mistakes can easily be made during translation. A few years back, the beer company Coors ran a campaign with the slogan ‘turn it loose’ around the world. Their translation into Spanish, however, went completely awry and customers were left confused instead by the slogan ‘suffer from diarrhoea’

Of course, some of these translation errors can be quite humorous to those of us outside of a particular business. For the company itself, however, a poor translation can severely damage its reputation and set back growth into new markets. That’s why it’s important to work with a reputable translation service that does all the appropriate checks.


Translate Important Documents

Dealing with different countries often means that businesses must put together important documents, many with a legal basis. These can include applying for import licenses and documentation dealing with aspects such as duties and taxes.

If you’re expanding into a country like China, for instance, you may want to work with local agents, a situation where accurate translations are essential. Perhaps you want to set up a base in the country and for this, you’ll need various approvals with a lot of different forms to fill in. Accurate translations are essential here and getting it wrong can set your business back, cause delays and slow growth.


Working with a Reliable Business Translation Service

At Avitas Translations, we provide a full range of services for businesses that are looking to grow and succeed in new markets around the world. These not only include the translation of general content but more specific services including legal translations and voiceovers for digital video content.

One of the key benefits of working with Avitas is that we use native speakers around the world who have been fully vetted and offer a professional service. We aim to provide a flexible approach that meets the needs of modern businesses with big ambitions.

Want to find out more? Check out Avitas Translations today.