Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions give you further information, if you still have any questions kindly email us your query.
Do you need to see the physical original document for a Certified Translation?

Do you require the original documents in a physical format and how can I send them to you?

​For most Certified Translation to be presented in the UK, we can work from a clear scan or photograph of the document without the need to have the actual hard copy.

If the document/s received by us are illegible or not a good enough quality scan, our team will let you know and request a better copy.

What is a Certified Translation?

I have been asked to provide a Certified Translation of my Marriage Certificate.  Is this something that you can do and what is the process to get it started?

​A Certified Translation may be required for a number of reasons, for example when translating Legal documents such as Birth or Marriage Certificates to present to the UK Home office or when translating transcripts and certificates for an Educational institution.

​A Certified Translation with Avitas is one that has been carried out to the highest possible standard and is then Signed, Stamped and Certified as a True and accurate translation of the original document.  This is directly related to the UK Government guidelines which can be found here.

​Have a look at our short video here for an explanation of the process.

​To get the process started, simply take a scan or a photo of your document/s and send them to us with the details of your request to: or give us a call on 0330 088 2617.

What are your prices?

Can you tell me how much your services cost?​

​Avitas translation and language service prices depend on a few factors including but not limited to:

  • Language Combination
  • Subject Matter / Specialisation
  • Service Required
  • Service Level
  • Deadline
  • File Format

​Our rates start from as low as £0.07 per source word for a draft translation, with a minimum cost for a Certified Translation of £30 + vat.

To find out more about our prices, you can download our rate card here, or get in touch with our team for a Free, No obligation quotation today!

Online Service

Can I bring my documents to your office in person?

​We are an online only service meaning that we cannot accept “walk in” clients.  The reason we do this is to keep our service and production costs as low as possible so that we can provide higher cost savings to our customers.

Add to this that it is much more time efficient to simply send over an email with your documents as we aim to reply to all quotes online within a few minutes.

What languages can Avitas translate?

What languages can you translate?

​Our team are able to work into over 150 languages and we can cover almost all subject domains.

If we do not have the required linguists available for your project, our efficient recruitment team can vet and recruit new talent within hours.

Other Services

Do you offer any other service other than Translation?

Avitas translations are a full spectrum Language Service Provider meaning we can offer a whole suite of language services to our customers, not just translation.

      Our services that we can offer include:

– Translation & Proofreading

– Transcription of Video / Audio files

– Subtitling

– Multilingual Desk Top Publishing (DTP)

– Voiceover and Dubbing

– Certification

If you would like to know more about the services or how we can help you or your business please see our services tab in the menu or get in touch with our sales team.

Avitas Translations are accredited, officially recognised and trusted by clients around the UK.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
Professional Certified translation service based in London.
Avitas Translations are accredited, officially recognised and trusted by clients around the UK.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
Professional Certified translation service based in London.

©2021 Avitas Translations Ltd, All Rights Reserved.

©2021 Avitas Translations Ltd, All Rights Reserved.