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We offer a professional high quality UK based document translation service in any language and any document format. Fast and reliable, we aim to respond to any quotation within minutes with rates starting from just £30 + vat.

Our highly skilled team are flexible and we work with Individual clients, small businesses and large multinationals with no project too big or too small.

Professional Document Translation Service UK

Fully Accredited Document Translations

Here at Avitas Translations, we offer a quality focused UK based Document Translation service including Fully Accredited Certified Translations of Certificates such as Birth Certificates & Marriage Certificates, through to Corporate marketing and Legal Documents.

Our linguists are selected based on their language capability and also their specialist subject knowledge ensuring your translation is delivered to the best possible standards and the document reads correctly to the target audience.

London Based Translation Service

Based in London, we serve customers from around the UK and overseas and are specialists at providing a 5* rated, cost effective and easy to use service.

Simply email our team your documents or fill out our quote form. We will analyse and send a quote within minutes that includes full certification and free UK postage of the hard copy of the final translation.


Here at Avitas Translations, we fully understand the importance of accuracy, security and punctuality when it comes to the translation of your documents. This is why we use secure online systems and only the best native linguists with at least 3 years professional translation experience along with a relevant degree.
It is this attention to detail and talent selection that allows us to offer the highest level of service to our customers, all at competitive prices.


All of our certified projects are carried out following strict legal guidelines and are accepted by all major UK bodies such as the UK Government, Home Office, Courts of Law and Education institutions.

Every Certified Translation that we produce comes with a stamp and accompanying Certification letter stating the accuracy of the translation. This will be signed either by the respective linguist to sign off the project or a representative from our company.

Avitas Translations professional translation service reviews


A document translation service quite simply refers to the translation of a document from one language to another (source language to target language).

A professional translation agency like ourselves are able to translate any document format and language combination using native experienced linguists, project managers and proofreaders.

Avitas Translations Ltd are an authorised agency and are Accredited to ISO1700 in quality management specialising in providing officially authorised and certified translation services in more than 200 languages.

In the United Kingdom, a certified translation means that the translation agency such as ourselves, has issued an officially signed statement of truth, declaring that the completed translation is an accurate and true representation of the original document provided to them.

Certified translations are generally needed when submitting legal documents to official institutions such as the UK Home Office or Courts of Law.


The cost to get a document translated online can vary depending on a few factors including language pairing, subject matter, time scale and even document format.

Our costs here at Avitas start at £30 + vat per document and for most 1-2 page documents our minimum fee will usually cover it.

Yes you can obtain a free translation of a small document using tools such as Google Translate however we do not recommend using such a service for any important documents or business critical translations.

For learning to speak another language for example, such tools can be invaluable.

Professional Document translation service UK

What makes Avitas the perfect partner for your Document Translation requirements?



We will match or beat any other UK quote to ensure our customers receive the best possible value.


We are trusted by our customers and have over 100 5* rated reviews.

Individuals and businesses trust us to get their projects right, first time, every time.


Our team understand the importance of speed so we are experts at Urgent deadlines and quick delivery.


We are ISO accredited for quality in Translation Management meaning our processes are approved and quality focused, giving you the best possible translations.

How can I order a Document Translation Online?

In 3 simple steps:

1 – Click the Personal or Business Quote button above and fill out the form (attaching your files if you have them).

2 – We  will analyse your request within minutes and email back a Quotation showing the full breakdown including all costs, timescales and requirements.

3 – Accept the quotation and pay the invoice using the payment link that is emailed to you by your dedicated Project Manager.


What type of documents can you translate and certify?

We can essentially translate and certify any document.  Some examples that we work on regularly include Passports and ID documents, Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates, Education qualifications, Medical certificates and much more.

What type of documents can you translate?

Here at Avitas Translations, wecan translate any document type either physical or digital into over 200 languages.  From a simple Word file to a complex photoshop presentation, we can help. Simply send over your files and we can provide an instant quote.


How long does a Document Translation take and how much does a Translation cost?

This is almost like asking how long is a piece of string as it can vary on how many documents are to be translated, the language combination, subject matter, file type and if any certification is required.  In general though, our Certified Translations start at £30 + vat and can be done the same day or within 24 hours if required using our Urgent service.

From Our Clients

Clients - Avitas Translations

Hear what our clients have to say about our services below or read our Trustpilot reviews here.

Avitas Translations responded to my initial quote request almost immediately. From start to finish the process was simple and efficient.  Great work and will use again for sure.

T. Dailia

Operations Director, Greece

These guys are life savers. We were in need of urgent translations done in 3 languages and no other agency was able to do it.  Avitas responded quickly and had the project done before our deadline. We have used them ever since.

Andrea Nahaev

Export Manager, Bristol

Amazing service for all our projects. We have used Avitas for multiple language projects in different domains and our clients are always left happy. Great company to work with, 5*.

Jen Ewers

Marketing Lead, London

I had a good experience with the company, prompt in replying and reasonably priced. I would recommend the company for any kind of translation work.


Individual customer

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