What is a Certified Translation?

A Certified Translation is a translated document which can be used as an official document in a particular country.   Additionally, the Certified translation holds a signed statement attached.  Attesting that it is true and accurate to the best of the translator’s or company’s expertise.   Likewise, any translator or translation company may offer these translation services.  However, it’s best to check credentials before using a service to ensure that they are fit for the job.

We use Accredited Professional linguists and follow stringent ISO guidelines for quality management ensuring our service is the best it can be.

Why do I need a Certified Translation Service?

If you have documents or Certificates in another language, you may need them translating in order to present these documents to relevant authorities.

For example,  a Foreign Birth Certificate translated and Certified to present to the UK Home Office for a Passport.

The type of documents which can be translated and certified range from marriage certificates, death certificates to other Official documents.

What is the process of getting certified translations:

In order to get your documents certified in the UK, it is quite a simple process:

  • – First, send a photocopy / scan of your documents to the Translation Company who will then explain the process.
  • – The company will translate your documents and provide a Certification Statement.  This will state, “It is a true and accurate translation of the original document”.
  • – The Certification letter and translated document will then be signed and stamped, dated and will detail the credentials of the company.   The final version will be sent out to you in Email and Hard Copy format.

Certified Document Translations in the UK

The translation industry in the UK is currently non-regulated, essentially meaning that anyone can claim to be a translator. Therefore to ensure you are receiving an accurate translation, it is important to check the credentials of the company carefully.

The translations we provide are recognized by the UK Home Office and in line with current UK Government Guidelines.

What is an Urgent Certified Translation?

We know the value of urgent translations, so provide quality translations within 24 hours and often same day.   Likewise,  for tight deadlines, we can provide Urgent translation and Certifications for official use.  Get in touch with us today!