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The Automotive & Aerospace Industries are constantly evolving and require a language partner that can do the same



Avitas Translations is a fast growing translation provider offering professional, high quality translation services within the Automotive and Aerospace Industries.

Both industries and technologies are constantly evolving and offer global marketplaces with huge revenues.  A language partner needs to be flexible and able to adapt to these changes efficiently whilst delivering a top level service that represents their customers.

Businesses within these industries need to be able to take their message whether it be a marketing campaign for a new product or technical manuals for a new engine, into different languages, with the confidence that the message will be delivered as clear in the target language as it was in the source.

We use the best Native linguists, experts in the field, that translate only into their mother tongue ensuring both the quality and integrity of the translation reflect that of the original source file.

As these industries are usually Technical based, our recommended service level would be the Elite Service as this ensures that the linguists used as experts in either Automotive translations or Aerospace Translations.

Examples of translations we have worked on to date:

– Automotive Manuals

– Product Branding and Marketing campaigns

– Health & Safety Documents

– Training manuals

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