Arabic Translation Services

Arabic is spoken by more than 200 million people in the countries that make up the Arab League as well as around the world. For many businesses looking to forge new opportunities in areas like the UAE, Jordan and Kuwait access to high-quality Arabic translation services is critical.

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While written Arabic is highly formalised and is used by, for example, news presenters and politicians, like most languages there are many different localised dialects.

If you’re searching for an Arabic translation service it’s important to have access to experienced native speakers who can produce the formal widely used Arabic as well as more localised transcripts. The good news today is that there has been a large increase in those who speak both English and Arabic and who can provide these services online.

Who Needs an Arabic Translation Service?

Whether you need to translate to Arabic, English, or another language like Spanish or visa versa, achieving an accurate translation is essential. There are major differences between English and Arabic, not least the fact that the latter has its own alphabet with 28 letters and is written right to left.

For many businesses, the Middle East is a highly attractive emerging market and selling goods and services to the region is an integral part of their growth plans for the future.  Therefore Arabic language services can involve everything from adapting legal documentation and packaging designs to Arabic marketing on social media or adding Arabic subtitles to online videos. More and more companies nowadays are looking for voiceover services for their video content.

One group that is increasingly in need of translation services is the film and TV industry, a sector where accuracy can sometimes be a big issue. Titles themselves can often be difficult to translate – for example, Pulp Fiction can be translated as “lbu alkhayal” but this can have several different meanings and can be read as fantasy, unreality or even cavalryman depending on the context.

Accurate translation is even more vital in research and development – with organisations such as universities working across borders, getting highly accurate translations of research findings is critical in developing understanding and avoiding misunderstanding. It’s also important for legal firms that require strict and accurate translations for contracts and other documentation.

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The Challenges of an Accurate Arabic Translation Service

Like many languages, both English, other European languages and Arabic have their idiosyncrasies – getting the translation wrong can not only make a business a laughing stock but may also offend the very people they are trying to attract.

For example, Arabic has a linguistic quirk called diglossia which means that the meaning of a word can vary considerably according to context. In addition to this, there are always phrases and words that are untranslatable within each language while many words and phrases are ambiguous.

While AI translation services have improved dramatically over the last five or six years, Arabic is a highly complex language and it’s difficult to get an accurate adaptation even with the latest technology. That’s why working with a local, qualified and experienced Arabic translation service is always much better. The difference is that a human translator can ask questions and clarify meaning which means you have more chance of getting things right first time.  In short, saving both time and money.

Why Choose Avitas Translations

Partnering with the right company is important in any aspect of running a business. Avitas Translations bring together some of the top linguists in the world.  Whether you want to translate English to Arabic, another language like Urdu into Arabic or the other way around.  With our ever growing experience we can offer advice on legal aid translation services which can often be confusing but essential.

Perhaps you want to work with a local translator who understands the nuance of a particular region. Maybe you want to develop Arabic captions for your latest YouTube video or you want to understand an Arabic medical report.

At Avitas Translations, we believe we have all the bases covered. For a free quote, contact our Arabic translation company today.