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At Avitas we have experienced native linguists that can translate any content from Arabic to English or from English into Arabic.  In short, a full range of Arabic Language Services.



Avitas offer accredited, award winning Arabic translations for English to Arabic and Arabic to English along with other target languages.

For example you may want to translate Arabic to Spanish or translate Arabic to Urdu, maybe even translate from Arabic to French…whatever the combo, we have you covered! 

As Arabic is a Right to Left language we only use Arabic speaking, native linguists.  Thus ensuring the highest quality level of final translations and enables the target text to read naturally.

Our expert project managers, linguists and staff are able to handle any document format, deadline and subject domain.  For example, a simple one page Arabic marriage certificate to a 100 page technical user manual translation.

Our qualified and experienced team also offer a range of other Arabic Language Services including:

– Arabic Subtitling services

– Arabic Language services

Certified Arabic Translations to English

– Arabic Desk Top Publishing

– Arabic Voiceover Services

– Business Translation English Arabic

– Arabic Quote with English translation

– Arabic to English Video Translation

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Arabic Document Translation & Arabic Language Services


Whether you are looking to translate from Arabic to English, translate to Arabic or translate Arabic to Spanish, we have you covered.  Not only that our regional knowledge allows us to localise your content to the specific target market.

Our knowledgeable team can work into other languages for example translate Arabic to Urdu, translate French to Arabic or even translate Arabic to Spanish.  Additionally, we can often do this within 24 hours or even the Same day using our Urgent translation service.

Arabic Localisation

When presenting a final translation, the audience need to understand not only the words used but the nuance and actual meaning to them.  Not every translation into Arabic is the same.

For example, an English to Arabic translation of a document for the UAE would be localised differently to one being presented in Saudi Arabia.  Therefore the language used is slightly different yet still Arabic.

Likewise, this in-depth local knowledge is why our Arabic translation services are trusted by clients around the UK.

We can provide a free quote within minutes, alternatively if you would prefer to talk to a member of our team, visit our contact us page.

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Free Arabic Translation Quote

To get a Free Translation Quote follow the simple steps below:

1 – Fill out the quote form, attaching your file/s

2 – Our team will email over a written quote within minutes

3 – Accept the quote via email

4 – An invoice with payment link will be sent, once paid we begin work

Translation Services Arabic to English – More than just words


Around 292 million people speak Arabic as their primary or first language.  Likewise, many more people can also understand it as a second language.

The Arabic language has its own alphabet written from right to left.  In addition, it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, the other five languages being English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Many countries speak Arabic as their official language.  However, the language has many dialects, such as Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Arabic & Gulf Arabic.  Furthermore, some of the dialects are so different from one another that speakers have a hard time understanding the other.

Arabic English Translation London

“I needed a certified Arabic document translation to English near me in central London and Avitas responded quickly and were surprisingly well priced!”

“After searching for an Arabic Notary public near me, I was happy to find Avitas.  Freindly and informative, would recommend for any Arabic official translaton”.

I wanted to translate medical report from English to Arabic and have it legalised.  First class service and great price”.

Arabic Language Services

In addition to standard document translation services in Arabic, we also offer a range of other Arabic language services.

These include:

arabic to english translation service near me
How to say Hello in Arabic & How to say thank you in Arabic

Two of the most useful phrases to know in the Arabic language – Hello and thank you!

See below for how to pronounce each of these translations:

Hello – Ahlan

Thank you – Shukran

How to say How are you in Arabic?

Another good way of greeting friends in Arabic is to ask how they are:

How are you? – Kayf Halukum


How to say excuse me in Arabic?

Excuse me – Aidhirni

How to say What is your name in Arabic?

What is your name? – Ma Asmuk?

How to say Yes in Arabic? How to say No in Arabic?

Yes – Naam

No – La

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We are super proud to have won numerous awards since we launched in 2018.  These include awards recognising our commitment to quality, staff training and customer satisfaction.

To top all this off, we are  Accredited for quality in Translation Services meaning we delivery what we say, each and every time.

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