Professional Translation  Agency UK

Avitas Translations Professional Translation Agency UK

Based in the heart of London, providing a full range of language and translation services to our clients. 

Our services include Certified Official Translations, Technical & Complex Website Localisation, Subtitling, Interpreting, Voiceover and more.

Award Winning, Certified Professional Translation Agency UK

Professional translation service & language Services Agency UK.

Experienced Translation Services for any industry, any language.

We offer a full range of translation & language services as a professional Translation company in the UK.  This includes Certified Translation Services UK and Website translation services.

In addition, we are an award winning, fast growing professional translation agency in the heart of London.  Furthermore, our experienced team can handle any language combination and reply to quotes within 15 minutes.

Since Avitas was founded in January 2018, our focus is to be the best at what we do.  We are now one the fastest growing professional translation agencies based in the United Kingdom.

Our two core values are Quality & Customer Service.  In short, we believe if we focus on these, we can take care of our customers and their projects.

Subsequently we have now won numerous awards for our service, have 5* customer ratings and over 3000 satisfied clients.



Customer's served


Customer Satisfaction



Document Translation

From a single page document to multi-language, multi document projects our experienced team can help.  In short, work in any domain and are specialists at Urgent deadlines and technical domains.


Certified Translation UK

Court approved translation services. Official translations are vital especially when a legal translation is required.  Our Certified translations are accepted by all UK Authorities such as the Home Office for example.

Website Translation / Localisation

Reaching new markets and customers is key to growing a business internationally.  Our clients rely on us to translate and localise their online content.

Voiceover Services

We use the best Voice artists and talent.  Subsequently our service includes Voiceover, dubbing and all the back end solutions such as post editing.


Desktop Publishing (DTP)

DTP is a key process in ensuring multi lingual documents, websites, presentation etc all look how they are supposed to in the target language.  Above all, our experienced team can work in any file format and language combination.


Interpreting Service

Face to Face, Telephone and Video are all services that we offer to our clients.  We have access to hundreds of qualified, registered interpreters and have a simple pricing structure with no hidden fees.

Trusted, Professional Translation Service for a global market

98.9% of our customers would highly recommend our translation services.

Professional language services

Professional Translation Agency UK – Why we are different

We believe that no project is too big or too small. Our experienced and diverse team are able to offer our customers industry specific linguists.  Subsequently backed up by the best technical teams.

Since we launched in 2018 we have become known for our ability to handle urgent deadlines without compromising on quality.  Furthermore our teams are specialised in Legal translations, Medical translations, Export translations & Financial domains. To date translated over 10 million words.



Our Certified Translations UK are accepted by any authority and come fully stamped and delivered to your door.

Above all else, we offer a personalised service no matter the project.   In addition to providing dedicated account managers and single points of contact throughout.  We pride ourselves on our friendly yet professional way of doing things.  It is therefore our professional approach to certified language translation services that make us trusted by some of the UK’s largest businesses.  In addition, we can Certify translation to a level that is accepted by all UK authorities.  Furthermore if required, we can add an Apostille from the Foreign commonwealth office.  This validates the translation in any country in the World signed up to the Hague convention.

Why not request a quote with our team today to see how we can help you or your business?

UK Translation Services for key industries

Our experienced team of Project Managers, Linguists, Proof-readers, DTP experts and industry specific specialists, allow us to serve any industry competently.  Subsequently giving our customers the peace of mind to trust us time after time.

Avitas Translations are a UK based accredited professional translation agency based in London.   In short, we understand the importance of your business and language requirements and like to ensure experienced experts are used to offer a tailored service.  Thus making the translations more reliable and fit for purpose.


UK based Translation services for Key industries by a professional translation service 

We use the best linguists in key industries providing not only translation expertise but industry specific knowledge.  Furthermore this knowledge is vital to delivering accurate and relevant final translations.  All industry specific translations are checked independently by another linguist. Therefore ensuring the quality is not overlooked or any errors are missed.  In short, two pairs of eyes are better than one!

Some of the key industries we work in are shown below for example.


Automotive & Aerospace Translation

User manuals, technical data sheets, testing and emmission reports.

Medical Translation

Medical records, user manuals, instruction leaflets, medical device manuals.

Financial & Legal Translation

Financial accounts, legal contracts and court approved translations.

PR & Marketing Translation

Press releases, email newsletters, website updates, multilingual marketing.

Logistics & Export Translation

Air & Sea Freight labelling, Product labelling, customs documents, contracts.

Education & E-Learning Translation

Course materials, documentation, websites and e-learning software.

Corporate & Business Translation

Corporate contracts, business critical tenders, user manuals and employment terms.

Manufacturing Translation

Machinery user manuals, operating instructions, contracts, spec sheets.

A Translation company focused on quality not quantity.

What are the most spoken languages in the world?

This is an interesting question that we see all the time, everywhere over the net.  Therefore, as of 2021, the top 5 spoken languages in the world are as follows:

1. English ( 1.2 Billion speakers )

2. Mandarin Chinese ( 1.12 Billion speakers )

3. Hindi ( 637 Million speakers )

4. Spanish ( 537 Million speakers )

5. French (237 Million speakers )


How much does a Translation cost in the UK?

How much does translation cost?

As a professional translation agency, we actually hear this question a lot…who would have guessed?

There is no short answer to this though.  In short, a translation can be completely free if using a free tool such as Google Translate.  Similarly one can cost as much as £0.20 per word for the highest quality translations from a professional agency.

We always advise our clients to go for the option that is most fit for purpose for their needs.  For example, to translate a quick phrase or set of sentences to use when you go on holiday to Spain, use a free service.  If you need an official certified translation for a Visa application or need a business critical presentation in 5 languages, use a professional translator or even better, a translation agency.

There is an old saying…you get what you pay for. Check out our Pricing Section for more information.


How do I get a document translated online?

How do I get a document translated online?

With the advances of modern Artificial intelligence and Machine learning technologies, many companies including the biggest in the world, Google, are investing heavily in this technology and results can sometimes be ok… For example if you need to translate a quick sentence or need help speaking a new language whilst travelling, they can be invaluable.

For any Official or business purposes it is still best to have human translators and linguists involved.  This is where companies like ours fit it.

We are specialists at translation, localisation and can work with any type of documents or electronic files.  Subsequently we provide an official stamp and sign off once the work is complete.

This provides our customers the peace of mind that the work they will receive it to the highest quality and more importantly fit for purpose.


Best translation company UK

Professional Translation Services UK since 2018.

We Aim to be The Best in the Business

Since Avitas was founded in January 2018, our focus has been to be the best.  We have won numerous awards for our translation services, have 5* customer service ratings and over 2000 satisfied clients.


Translation Services For Every Industry

From Certified Legal translations for official use to critical translation of business documents, we have you covered.  Our full range of language services include transcription, localization, voiceover, subtitling services and more.

Human Translations Are Always More Effective

Since the invention of machine translation engines, many high profile errors have become all too public for businesses. In conclusion, we simply wont risk it!  A human input is always a crucial part of our workflows.

Let Our UK based Professional Translation Agency help

Translation services and language services are often overlooked by customers and businesses despite often being the most critical.  Let us take the hassle and stress out of the process.

Arelys Sandoval
Arelys Sandoval
Excellent service!! Excellent service. Anthony was very helpful and friendly! It’s amazing how fast he replies to emails. I would highly recommend.
Damian Allegretti
Damian Allegretti
Zenghui Huang
Zenghui Huang
Great service, fast translation, very quick quotation and responses! The staff was very helpful, wuold recommend.
John Holborn
John Holborn
Professional and prompt service. Excellent, thank you.
David Lorrimer-Roberts
David Lorrimer-Roberts
A very well organised company supplying a fast and efficient service at a reasonable cost
Adela Ciurescu
Adela Ciurescu
Stefan Lauren
Stefan Lauren
Emilee Wainwright
Emilee Wainwright
Great service. Communication was excellent from initial quote through to completion. Price really competitive.
Jo Hiton
Jo Hiton

Award winning, Accredited UK Professional Translation Services Company


We are super proud to have won numerous awards since we launched in 2018.  These include awards recognising our commitment to quality, staff training and customer satisfaction.

To top all this off, we are  Accredited for quality in Translation Services meaning we delivery what we say, each and every time.

Award Winning Certified Translation Service

Officially recognised translation company London

- Over 200 languages

- More than 10 Million words translated

- 2000+ registered & vetted linguists

- Competitive rates - Starting at £30

- Price match Service

-Money back guarantee

- Same day service available

- Human, native translators

- Dedicated point of contact

- Discount for large volume and repeat work

- Latest software & technology

- Free test translation for corporate projects

- 5* rated award winning customer service

- UK based

- Free online quote in minutes

Get a Certified Translation

From Our Clients

Hear what our clients have to say about our services or read our Trustpilot reviews.

Ordered an urgent birth certificate translation from Hindi to English and was very impressed with the service.  

Baljit S

Individual customer

These guys are life savers. We were in need of urgent translations done in 3 languages and no other agency was able to do it.  Avitas responded quickly and had the project done before our deadline. We have used them ever since.

Andrea Nahaev

Export Manager, Bristol

Amazing service for all our projects. We have used Avitas for multiple language projects in different domains and our clients are always left happy. Great company to work with, 5*.

Jen Ewers

Marketing Lead, London

Great experience with Avitas when looking for a Romanian translator near me.   Prompt in replying and reasonably priced.  I would recommend the company for any kind of professional Romanian translation work or Certified Romanian translation.


Individual customer

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